Turning knowledge into impact

Elsa streamlines the writing process and keeps your project team connected so you can focus on articulating your expertise and creating new knowledge.


Get the most out of your publishing journey

Elsa enables you to easily create and disseminate new knowledge to save time and connect you with your audience. With Elsa, you can achieve your publishing goals anytime, anywhere.


Collaborate seamlessly

Pass and share work with your colleagues all from one centralized system. Easily build and edit your Table of Contents and assign contributors and reviewers directly to project chapters.


Organize easily

Project dashboards give editors/authors an overview of key deadlines and how their project is progressing. The Publishing Assistant auto-tracks your progress against publishing requirements such as word and reference count to notify you of potential errors and save you time.


Get discovered

Easily assign keywords to your work with our smart keyword feature to auto-populate keyword suggestions for easier indexing. Ensure your work is inclusive and accessible with the ability to add alternative text for images directly in-app.


Write effortlessly

Easily reference and re-number figures, tables, and boxes as well as other chapter content with callouts. Manage your references directly in Elsa with our reference builder or bring your references from elsewhere by importing a Word file or a .ris file from your preferred reference manager.

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The Write Space

Elsa is an authoring tool developed specifically to make the publishing process easier and more efficient for authors and editors.

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